You’ve just spent weeks or even months planning the perfect wedding. You’ve lost sleep over the perfect venue, menu, décor and outfits. Surrounded by friends, relatives, loved ones and not-so-loved ones, who’ve all come together for your special day, you’ve had a ball of a time. But now you’re dying to get some private time for two. You’re dying to get to your honeymoon. Now think for five seconds and answer this: Did you imagine your honeymoon in a land far, far away? Where it’s just the two of you and no one to disturb you for miles? Yes? Then the Maldives for honeymoon is the perfect destination you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s a sneak peek in to the island of fantasies…

Far From the Madding Crowd

Go for a long romantic walk, after all, the journey has only just begun.

Picture this. An isolated island, no sorry, I mean islands. The Maldives is not one but a group of 1,190 coral islands, only 200 of which are inhabited. So you can stay at an island resort in your private beachfront bungalow, on a pristine white sandy beach, with turquoise water glistening into the horizon, and no one but the two of you to enjoy nature’s unabashed glory. You can go for long romantic walks, explore the underwater or just gaze into breathtaking ocean views from a shared hammock. Welcome to paradise.

An Island of Luxury

You’ve just started your journey together and you want nothing but the best. Maldives drips of luxury the moment you step out of your plane. Get picked up on a yacht or a seaplane from the airport and enter your hotel in style.

Pick one of the 105 island resorts in the Maldives depending on your budget and get a taste of unadulterated luxury. With a country thriving on tourism, even the pocket-friendly hotels offer exceptional services that are bound to make both of you feel truly special. Go ahead, spoil yourselves.

Indulgence for Two: Couple Spas and More…

After coordinating a million logistics for the wedding all you want to do is relax with your significant other. Your island resort in the Maldives has the perfect answer for this – indulge in couple spas, jump into your private infinity pool, spend hours in the Jacuzzi or go for a unique tree top treatment pod and watch all the stress melt away.

Watersports for Lovebirds

You can’t come to the Maldives and not explore the underwater. Share your alone time with spectacular creatures under the ocean. Go snorkelling or scuba diving and discover the stunning coral reefs.

Don’t know how to swim? Since when is that a problem in the Maldives? Strap yourselves to jet skis and take off into the lagoons. And then there’s the glass-bottom boat. See the fascinating marine life through the transparent bottom without actually venturing in to the water. Or go underwater walking and experience the surreal together as you touch the ocean floor. Don’t forget to get your guide to take underwater pictures so you can save this precious moment forever.

Cruise into Infinity

With 99 per cent of the Maldives being made up of water, it would only be natural to sail in to the depths of aquatic treasures. The still waters of the lagoons are not just a rare geographical feature but also a sheer treat for the eyes. You can take off in to the Indian Ocean on a romantic sunset cruise or go for a dolphin safari to meet the adorable creatures of the sea. You can also of course go island hopping and explore the deserted lands. Just the two of you. What can I say, it’s a dream come true.

Perfect Weather

Last but certainly not the least, no matter what month of the year you get married, you need not fret over constant weather updates in the middle of all the wedding madness. Maldives is a year-round destination with pleasant weather all through.

So what are you waiting for? Look up the best resort, book your tickets, get out of those heavy shaadi outfits, pack in your comfy beachwear, and you’re ready to go.